Maine Lobster

All of our lobsters are supplied by Linda L Bean, she has made a commitment to the Maine lobster fishing community that their livelihood and their families matter.   In an era where we have watched jobs being exported outside of this country, Linda L Bean has helped protect and grow the lobster economy of Maine.

This commitment to Maine lobstermen is evident by her company’s coveted award and certification by the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) for their lobster sustainability practices that prove the traceability of every lobster caught is within the ocean boundaries of the State of Maine.

Linda L Bean first became involved with the lobster business back in 2007 when she purchased her first wharf and went on to purchase approximately 400,000 pounds of lobster from the Maine fishermen in that first year. Linda now owns and manages several lobster buying stations on the Maine coast. She purchases millions of Maine lobsters from Maine lobstermen all trapped and caught in Maine waters.

The authentic Maine lobster is the sweetest most succulent available in the world, and Linda Bean’s is strictly “product USA” as reflected by the MSC certification.

Linda L Bean’s name is on the line, and like that of her famous grandfather L.L.Bean, it is a name that can be trusted. Trusted for authentic Maine Lobster, trusted for labeling traceability to exact wharf purchased, trusted for careful handling and arrival of live lobsters, trusted for delicious and affordable frozen seafood specialties, trusted for fair dealings, and trusted for being certified sustainable.

It is not an authentic Maine lobster if it does not have the “trusted” MSC certification.

And the Linda L. Bean trusted guarantee to consumers is that all of her lobster is only the highest quality Maine lobster!